Idaho News

"Meth Led to Injured Infant"
2/24/2015 -
"Women Recounts 100 Days of Meth Addiction"
9/12/2014 - Local News 8
"Idaho Meth Project Making a Difference"
9/12/2014 - Local News 8
"Locals honored as community champions"
11/24/2013 - Idaho Press-Tribune
"Locals honored as community champions"
11/24/2013 - Idaho Press-Tribune
"Locals honored as community champions"
11/24/2013 - Idaho Press-Tribune
"Idaho's meth supply primarily from Mexican cartels"
11/22/2013 - KTVB.COM
"Documentary sheds light on prescription drug abuse among teens"
11/12/2013 -
"Idaho Meth Project Foundation Joins The Partnership at"
3/15/2013 - Idaho State Journal
"Breaking Bad Meth Habits in Idaho"
8/28/2012 - The Idaho Statesman
"Darius Rucker performing Friday at Melaleuca Field"
7/31/2012 - Post Register
"Meth Project Not Afraid to Show Reality to Teens"
4/13/2012 - Moscow-Pullman Daily News
"Former Meth Addict: 'I Have No Emotions'"
4/12/2012 - The Lewiston Tribune
"Don't Mess with Meth"
4/11/2012 - Shoshone News Press
"Marsing Teens Hear Gripping Message about Meth Use"
3/7/2012 - The Owyhee Avalanche
"Meth Highway"
12/11/2011 - Idaho Press-Tribune
"Our Crystal Meth Hell"
9/23/2011 -
"Graphic ads turn around Montana teen meth use"
9/20/2011 - CBS Evening News
"Interview with First Lady Lori Otter"
8/25/2011 - KCHQ Q102 Country
"Givin' Meth the Boot Concert Helps Raise Funds to Combat Meth Use"
8/24/2011 - KPVI-TV News 6
"Josh Turner Concert: Givin' Meth the Boot"
8/22/2011 - Local News 8
"Musicians Join Forces with Idaho Meth Project"
8/19/2011 - Post Register
"Country Star Josh Turner to Perform at 'Givin' Meth the Boot' in Idaho Falls Next Week"
8/17/2011 - Blackfoot Morning News
"Not Even Once"
4/1/2011 - University of Idaho Argonaut
"Free Family Forum Educates on Meth"
3/31/2011 - Local News 8
"Governor, Idaho Meth Project Launch New Campaign, Ads Focused on the Risks of Meth"
2/23/2011 - Associated Press
"Governor Kicks Off New Campaign Against Meth"
2/23/2011 - Idaho Statesman
"Idaho Meth Project Launches New Effort"
2/23/2011 - Idaho Press Tribune
"Students Help Launch Anti Meth Effort"
2/23/2011 - Bonner County Daily Bee
"Governor Kicks Off New Campaign Against Meth"
2/23/2011 - Post Register
"Sneak Peek at Gritty Idaho Meth Project Ads"
2/22/2011 - Fox 12 KTRV
"Survey: Teens Getting the Message on Meth Use"
2/22/2011 - KBOI
"Idaho Meth Project 2011 Kicks Off This Month"
2/22/2011 - KPVI
"Otter Kicks Off New Meth Project Campaign"
2/22/2011 - Local News 8
"Statewide Meth Campaign Launches 2011 Media Blitz"
2/22/2011 - KIVI
"Financial Magazine Cites Meth Projects Philanthropic Success"
12/28/2010 -
"Meth Project Gets Matching Grant"
12/24/2010 -
"Lori Otter Urges Year-End Contributions to Idaho Meth Project"
12/23/2010 -
" Idaho Meth Project Salutes Supporters"
12/9/2010 -
"'The 25 Best Givers' - Meth Project ranked #3 among foundations worldwide"
12/4/2010 - Barron's
"Editorial: 'Not Even Once' Campaign"
10/5/2010 - Magic
"Idaho Meth Project Announces Paint the State Winners"
9/9/2010 - Bonners Ferry Herald
"Teaming Up Against Drugs"
9/3/2010 - Idaho Statesman
"Cheers to Paint the State Contest"
8/23/2010 - Idaho Press Tribune
"Idaho Meth Project Winners Announced"
8/17/2010 - Emmett Messenger Index
"Blackfoot Teen Garners Top Honors in Paint the State Competition"
8/17/2010 - Idaho State Journal
"Anti-Meth Campaign Pays Off for Bear Lake County Youth"
8/13/2010 - The News Examiner
"Hartshorn Wins Meth Project Contest, $1,500 Cash"
8/12/2010 - Teton Valley News
"A Message Against Meth"
8/11/2010 - KPVI
"Burley Youth Wins 1st in Paint the State for Cassia"
8/11/2010 - The Voice
"Three Teton Teens Win with Meth Art Project"
8/11/2010 - Valley Citizen
"Lewiston Teen Wins County Prize in Statewide Anti-Meth Contest"
8/11/2010 - KLEW TV
"Anti-Meth Campaign Pays Off For Bear Lake County Youth"
8/10/2010 - Idaho State Journal
"Director Ronk Continues Work of Idaho Meth Project After Art Contest"
8/9/2010 - Idaho Reporter
"Otters Hand Out More Than $135,000 in Anti-Meth Art Prize Money"
8/8/2010 - Idaho Reporter
"Anti-Meth Contest Winners Announced"
8/7/2010 - Post Register
"Project Awards Students' Anti-Drug Artwork"
8/7/2010 - Idaho Press Tribune
"Twin Falls Teen Wins Anti-Meth Contest"
8/7/2010 - Times News
"Hundreds of Teens Create 350 Pieces of Anti-Meth Artwork"
8/7/2010 - KTVB News Channel 7
"Twin Falls Teen Wins Top Prize in Anti-Meth Art Competition"
8/6/2010 - Times News
"Winners To Be Announced in Idaho Grassroots Anti-Meth Campaign"
8/3/2010 - Idaho Statesman
"Otter To Announce Winners of Anti-Meth Contest Friday"
8/3/2010 - Idaho Reporter
"Congressman Simpson Introduces Bill to Establish Methamphetamine
Prevention Campaign"

7/29/2010 - Office of U.S. Congress Mike Simpson
"Teen Sends Message"
7/21/2010 - Idaho State Journal
"Teens Spread Anti-Meth Message"
7/19/2010 - Washington State University Online
"A Different Take on Idaho Paint the State"
7/18/2010 - KIDK Channel 3, Idaho Falls
"Payette County Joins Paint the State"
7/18/2010 - Independent Enterprise
"'It's Just Me Talkin'-Area Youth Take a Stand Against Meth"
7/17/2010 - Argus Observer
"In Your Face: Anti-Meth Themed Art Fills Public Venues"
7/16/2010 - Times News
"Students Send Anti-Meth Message"
7/13/2010 - Blackfoot Morning News
"Local Teens Display Artwork in Fight Against Meth"
7/10/2010 - Argus Observer
"City Hall Gets Anti Meth Mural"
7/10/2010 - Idaho State Journal
"The Idaho Meth Project Has Found A Way to Enrich Idaho's Youth"
7/10/2010 - Independent Enterprise
"Native American Youth at Fort Hall Work on Contest Entry for Anti-Meth Organization"
7/9/2010 - Idaho State Journal
"Idaho Meth Project is Painting the State and Idaho Falls"
7/9/2010 - KIDK (Idaho Falls)
"Pocatello Leaders Endorse Paint the State Competition"
7/9/2010 - Local News 8
"Teens Fight Meth"
7/7/2010 - Idaho Press Tribune
"Area Teens, Gritman Join Anti-Meth Project"
7/6/2010 - University of Idaho Argonaut
"Idaho Meth Project Extends Deadline for Paint the State"
6/30/2010 - The New Examiner
"Local Teen Paints The State With Ad Idea"
6/24/2010 - Local News 8 (Idaho Falls)
"Dropping Meth"
6/23/2010 - Inlander Northwest
"Teen Needs Help With Meth Project"
6/22/2010 - KPVI
"Paint the State Project on Display"
6/21/2010 - Teton Valley News
"Drop In Teen Meth Use Terrific"
6/18/2010 - Idaho Press Tribune
"Local Teens Participates in Art Contest"
6/18/2010 - KPVI
"Idaho Meth Use Down"
6/17/2010 - Rexburg Standard Journal
"With Use Rate Dropping, Otter Presses To Stay Course on Idaho Meth Project"
6/15/2010 - Idaho Statesman
"Idaho Teen Meth Use Drops 52% from 2007 to 2009"
6/15/2010 - Associated Press
"Idaho Meth Use Among Teens Down 52 percent"
6/15/2010 - KIDK (Idaho Falls)
"Lewiston Teen's Anti-Meth Art Carries Personal Message"
6/15/2010 - KLEW TV (Lewiston)
"Survey: Idaho Sees Nation's Largest Drop in Meth Use Among Teens"
6/15/2010 - KOZE 950
"Survey: Idaho Teen Meth Use Drops By Half"
6/15/2010 - The Spokesman-Review
"Teen Meth Use In Idaho Down Substantially According To New Report"
6/15/2010 - Idaho Reporter
"Students Raise Awareness About Meth With Project"
6/11/2010 - KMVT
"Editorial: There's Good News on the Idaho Meth Front"
6/11/2010 - Moscow-Pullman Daily News
"Youth Paint City Hall for Paint the State Campaign"
6/9/2010 - Idaho State Journal
"Murals Send Anti-Meth Message"
6/8/2010 - Post Register
"Meth Paint the State Art Project"
6/6/2010 - KIDK
"Meth Project Paints the State"
6/4/2010 - Rexburg Standard Journal
"Paint the State Contest Opens"
6/4/2010 - Idaho Mountain Express
"Summer Art Contest for Teens: Paint the State"
6/4/2010 - Clearwater Tribune
"Potlatch Students To Bring Meth Awareness to Community"
5/29/2010 - Moscow-Pullman Daily News
"Buhl to support teen effort to spread anti-meth message"
5/16/2010 - Times News
"Buhl to Support Teen Effort to Spread Anti-Meth Message"
5/16/2010 -
"Not A Pretty Picture - Art Contest Targets Meth"
5/12/2010 - Idaho Falls Magazine
"First Lady Lori Otter Kicks Off Paint the State at Project CDA"
5/12/2010 - Coeur d'Alene Press
"LPOHS Hosting 'Just Say Know' Festival"
5/5/2010 - Bonner County Daily Bee
"Anti-Meth Group Enlists Art"
4/25/2010 - Spokesman Review
"Idaho Meth Project Launches Anti-Meth Contest for Kids"
4/20/2010 - Idaho Statesman
"Idaho Meth Project Begins Anti-Meth Art Contest, Thousands of Dollars Up for Grabs for Teens"
4/20/2010 - Idaho
"Idaho Teens Help With Anti Meth Campaign"
4/19/2010 - KIVI Channel 6 (Boise)
"Idaho Meth Project Launches Paint the State"
4/19/2010 -
Opinion Editorial: "'Not even once' campaign makes a difference in Idaho"
4/9/2010 - Idaho Statesman
"LPOHS Students March Against Meth"
3/31/2010 - Bonner County Daily Bee
"Meth Awareness Forum Tonight in Rexburg"
3/23/2010 - Local News 8 (Idaho Falls)
"Idaho's Meth War is Shifting from Homes to Highways Now that the Drug Can be Made More Cheaply in Mexico or Border States"
3/21/10 - Idaho Statesman
"If You Are Addicted, There is Hope"
3/8/2010 - North Idaho College
"Idaho Meth Project Visits Blackfoot High School"
2/6/2010 - Blackfoot Morning News
"Meth Project Receives Donation"
2/4/2010 - Idaho State Journal
"Meth Addict Survivor Chimes In: Not Even Once"
2/4/2010 - KPVI
"Meth Project Holds Family Forum"
2/3/2010 - Blackfoot Morning News
"Meth Forum Helps Educate Families"
2/3/2010 - KIDK
"Idaho Meth Project Forum Held in Pocatello"
2/3/2010 - Local News 8 (Idaho Falls)
"Idaho Meth Project: Free Pocatello Family Forum"
1/29/2010 - KPVI (Idaho Falls)
"Portneuf Medical Center and Idaho Meth Project Hosting Free Family Forum"
1/29/2010 - Local News 8 (Idaho Falls)
"Meth: You Should Be Scared"
1/27/2010 - Coeur d'Alene Press
"Forum Sheds Light on Area Meth Problem"
1/25/2010 - North Idaho College Sentinel
"Former Meth Addict Shares Tale"
1/20/2010 - Coeur d'Alene Press
"Meth Project Unveils New Disturbing Ads"
1/20/2010 - KIDK
"Meth Project ARTICLEs 3rd Wave of Ads, Praises Success of Past Year"
1/20/2010 - Idaho
"Meth Project Unveils Disturbing New TV Ads"
1/19/2010 - KTVB News Channel 7 (Boise)
"Next Wave of Idaho Meth Project Ads Unveiled"
1/19/2010 - Local News 8 (Idaho Falls)
"Meth Project Touts Survey, Unveils More Meth Ads"
1/19/2010 - Associated Press
"Idaho Meth Project Interview"
1/18/2010 - KIX-FM (Coeur d'Alene)
"Former Meth Addict Joins Anti-Drug Campaign"
1/18/2010 - KXLY-TV (Spokane/North Idaho)
"When Grandparents Fill Roles of Mom and Dad"
12/23/2009 - Standard Journal
"Simpson Wins $1 million for Idaho Meth Project"
12/10/2009 - Idaho Statesman
"'The 25 Best Givers' - Meth Project Ranked #5 among Foundations Worldwide"
11/30/09 - Barron's
"A Darker Side of Idaho"
11/18/2009 - Arbiter Online, Boise State University
"Cheers to the Idaho Meth Project"
10/23/2009 - Post Register
"Otters Say Meth Project is Working"
10/18/2009 - Post Register
"Politicians Hold Tee Party"
10/18/2009 - Post Register
"Golfers Raise Money for Idaho Meth Project"
10/17/2009 - KPVI News 6
"Governor Otter on Links in Idaho Falls for Meth Project Fundraiser"
10/17/2009 - Local News 8
"Meth Not Even Once!"
10/13/2009 - KIDK Eyewitness News
"Former Idaho Falls Meth Addict Shares Journey to Recovery"
10/13/2009 - Local News 8
"Idaho Meth Project Seeks Volunteers"
10/13/2009 - Idaho State Journal
"Meth Family Forum in Idaho Falls"
10/12/2009 - KPVI News 6
"Telling Her Tale"
10/10/2009 Post Register

"Op Ed: Taking On the Scourge"
10/9/2009 - Post Register
"Teen Loves to Volunteer with the Idaho Meth Project"
9/28/2009 - Idaho Press Tribune
"Idaho Meth Projects Focusing on Ethnic Minorities"
9/15/2009 - KTRV-TV (Boise)
"Idaho Meth Project targets minorities"
9/15/2009 - Associated Press
"Idaho Meth Project Pushing Message to Hispanic Teens"
9/13/2009 - KIVI TV Channel 6 (Boise)
"Hispanic Community Celebrates"
9/13/2009 - Idaho Press Tribune
"Idaho Meth Project Hopes to Reach Hispanic Students"
9/13/2009 - KTVB Newschannel 7
"Meth Project Comes to High School"
8/19/2009 - Teton Valley News
"Coeur d'Alene Tribe Gives $1.8 million to schools, Idaho Meth Project"
7/15/2009 - Spokesman Review
"Not Even Once"
6/20/2009 - KLEW-TV (Lewiston)
"Graphic Assault on Meth: Ads Make Impact in North Idaho"
6/14/2009 - Spokesman Review
"Idaho Meth Project Gets Extra $1 million; Teens React to Whether Project Works"
6/9/2009 - KPVI Channel 6 (Pocatello)
"Meth Ads Talk to Teens in Spanish"
6/9/2009 -
"Making a Difference: Breaking an Addictive Past"
5/12/2009 - KPVI Channel 6 (Pocatello)
"Mill Creek Commons March Against Meth"
4/9/2009 - Middleton Gazette
"LPOHS Students Marching Against Meth"
3/26/2009 - Bonner County Daily Bee (Sandpoint)
"Idaho Meth Project Having an Effect"
2/25/2009 - Standard Journal (Rexburg)
"Teens target of graphic meth project ads"
2/19/2009 - Idaho County Free Press (Grangeville)
"Idaho Meth Project increasing awareness on drug's danger"
2/17/2009 - Bonner County Daily Bee (Sandpoint)
"Op Ed: Idaho's Fight Against Meth By Debbie Field"
2/15/2009 - Idaho Statesman
2/13/2009 - Idaho Mountain Express
"Official: Meth message works - More teens, young adults recognize
danger of drug"

2/7/2009 - Coeur d'Alene Press
"Ada County sheriff: Idaho should broaden drug-abuse prevention focus"
2/5/2009 - Idaho Statesman
"Meth Ad Campaign Showing Results"
2/3/2009 - Idaho Press Tribune
"Idaho Meth Project: Attitudes Have Shifted"
2/3/2009 - Weiser Signal American
"Idaho Falls Meth Bust"
1/30/2009 - Local News 8
"Idaho Meth Project Launches New Ads"
1/29/2009 - KIFI Channel 8 (Idaho Falls)
"Idaho Meth Project Launches New Campaign"
1/27/2009 - KBSU Boise State Radio - "All Things Considered"
"Idaho Meth Project: Teens See Greater Drug Risk"
1/27/2009 - Associated Press
"New Meth Prevention Ads Hit Treasure Valley"
1/27/2009 - KBCI CBS 2
"Idaho Meth Project Begins Second Year of Anti-Meth Campaign"
1/27/2009 - KMVT (Twin Falls)
"Idaho Meth Project Seeks Local Volunteers"
1/22/2009 - Clearwater Tribune
"Forum Highlights Meth Dangers"
1/22/2009 - Idaho Press Tribune
"Free Family Forums for Parents, 'Tweens and Teens"
1/20/2009 - KTVB Newschannel 7
"Anti-meth campaign holds Treasure Valley family forums"
1/15/2009 - Idaho Statesman
"Good Deeds: Residents of Idaho Department of Correction's Nampa Community Work Center Donate to Idaho Meth Project"
12/31/2008 - Idaho Statesman
"Disturbing Idaho Meth Project Ads Working"
12/26/2008 - Rexburg Standard Journal
"Idaho Meth Project Receives Grant From Idaho Community
Foundation Deer Creek Fund"

12/26/2008 - Idaho Mountain Express
"Give Meth the Boot Raises $130,000 in Idaho Falls"
10/27/2008 - Local News 8
"Givin' Meth the Boot"
10/23/2008 - River City Weekly
"Lady Antebellum to lend hand at Meth Project benefit concert"
10/17/2008 - Post Register
"Givin' Meth the Boot Event will be held in Idaho Falls"
10/15/2008 - Rexburg Standard Journal
"Regence BlueShield of Idaho donates $10,000 to the Idaho Meth Project"
10/07/2008 - Idaho Statesman
"Hot New Country Group to Help Raise Money for Idaho Meth Project"
9/16/2008 - Local News8
"Idaho Meth Project Continues Awareness, Prevention Campaign"
08/01/2008 - Shoshone News Press
"Governor Address Judicial Conference"
7/30/2008 - Idaho Mountain Express
"Meth Project Hits Hard"
7/17/2008 - Idaho Press-Tribune
"Idaho Meth Project Shows Positive Results"
7/10/2008 - Idaho Statesman
"Craig Committee Approves More Than $750,000 for Idaho Law Enforcement Projects"
6/20/2008 - Idaho Examiner
"Simpson Looks for More Meth Funds"
6/18/2008 - Post Register
"Simpson Secures $1 Million for Idaho Meth Project"
6/17/2008 - KTVB
"Pilot Gives Father's Day Gift at Nampa Air Show"
6/16/2008 - Idaho Statesman
"Bands Take to the Stage to Combat Meth"
6/15/2008 - KPVI
"Thunder Over Nampa Helps Idaho Meth Project"
6/15/2008 - KTVB
"Blakefest was a Success"
6/15/2008 - Idaho State Journal
"Thunder Over Nampa Airshow Benefiting the Idaho Meth Project"
6/15/2008 -
"Skies Thunder Over Nampa"
6/15/2008 - Idaho Press Tribune
"Concert Held in Idaho to Raise Money Against Meth"
6/14/2008 - Local 8 News
"Air Show Raises Money for Idaho Meth Project"
6/14/2008 - KTRV Fox 12 News
"Nampa Air Show to Benefit Idaho Meth Project"
6/13/2008 - Idaho Statesman
"High-flying fun in Nampa: the airshow this weekend"
6/13/2008 - Idaho Statesman
"Weekend will be Plane Fun"
6/13/2008 - Idaho Press Tribune
"Divas for a Difference: Upcoming Air Show and Garden Party Will Support Two Nonprofits"
6/12/2008 - Idaho Statesman
"Listen to the Thunder Over Nampa"
6/11/2008 - Idaho Press Tribune
"PMC Donates to Idaho Meth Project"
6/11/2008 - KPVI
"KTVB News Group honored for March against Meth Program"
6/9/2008 - KTVB News 7 Boises
"Idaho Updating Meth Project Imported from Montana"
6/9/2008 - South Idaho Press
"Local Group Uniting Community Against Drugs"
6/6/2008 - Times-News
"Hope for the Victims of Addiction"
6/5/2008 - KMVT 11 T Twin Falls
"Unselling Meth"
5/23/2008 - PBS Now
"We Have a Meth Problem in the State of Idaho"
5/19/2008 - Idaho Business Review
"Nampa Fete Spotlights Community"
5/14/2008 - Idaho Press Tribune
"Full House at Meth Forum"
5/14/2008 - KIDK-TV (Idaho Falls)
"Middleton Leaders Want to Curb Meth Use Before it becomes a Crisis"
5/12/2008 - CBS Channel 2 News
"'Not Even Once' Comes to Idaho Falls"
5/12/2008 - Local News 8 (Idaho Falls)
"Idaho Meth Project Attracts Foundation Dollars"
5/2008 - Philanthropy Northwest
"Kids Talk About Idaho Meth Project"
5/1/2008 - Boise State Radio
"Canyon Growth Still Robust, Sheriff's Dept Donates to Idaho Meth Project"
4/30/2008 - Idaho Press Tribune
"Idaho Meth Project Plays a Crucial Role"
4/30/2008 - Idaho Mountain Express and Guide
"Thieves Leave New Hazard for Campers"
4/29/2008 - Spokesman Review
"Idaho Methamphetamine Admissions Outpace Alcohol and Marijuana"
4/16/2008 - Boise Weekly
"Students Share Anti-Meth Message"
4/4/2008 - Pocatello KPVI Channel 6
"Lori Otter promotes meth project in D.C."
4/3/2008 - Idaho Press-Tribune
"Lori Otter to speak in Washington, D.C., in support of Idaho's anti-meth effort"
4/2/2008 - Idaho Statesman
"Back From the Brink"
March/April 2008 - Idaho Falls Magazine
"Local Reaction to Idaho Meth Project Ads"
3/28/2008 - Pocatello KPVI Channel 6
"March calls attention to drug's dangers"
3/28/2008 - Bonner County Daily Bee
"Local Production Company Wins High Honors for 'Idaho Meth Project Awareness'"
3/20/2008 - Idaho Falls Tight Line Media
"Sheriff recognizes deputy donations"
3/16/2008 - Idaho Press Tribune
"Idaho Meth Project Comes to Bonners"
3/10/2008 - Boundary News
"Meth users revive rustling for cash"
3/10/2008 - Idaho Statesman
"Meth Not Even Once"
3/6/2008 - Congressional Documents and Publications - Craig's Weekly Column
"First lady, Attorney General discuss Meth Project"
3/5/2008 - Idaho Statesman
"Anti-meth pitch goes to DC"
3/5/2008 - Billings Gazette
"Idaho Meth Project"
2/28/2008 - KXLY (Spokane)
"Idaho Meth Project seeks end to drug's use"
2/16/2008 - Bonner County Daily Bee
"Idaho Meth Project spreads cautionary tales: Group fights drug use with graphic images"
2/15/2008 - The Spokesman Review
"Methamphetamine leads list as top drug problem"
2/13/2008 - Bonner County Daily Bee
"Not Even Once"
2/07/2008 - River City Weekly
"Meth survey shows drug is appealing to some teens"
1/23/2008 - Twin Falls Times-News
"Survey shows Idaho teens see meth as beneficial"
1/23/2008 - Idaho Statesman
"Youth see meth 'benefits'"
1/23/2008 - Idaho Press-Tribune
"Karianne Fallow: Idaho Meth Project deserves support, especially from businesses"
1/22/2008 - Idaho Statesman
"Idaho Meth Project offers powerful disincentives"
1/21/2008 - Times News
"Idaho considers war on meth"
1/16/2008 - Idaho Mountain Express
"Delivering the meth message"
1/12/2008 - Times-News
"Idaho Meth Project launches in-your-face ads"
1/11/2008 - Idaho Statesman
"Our View: Anti-meth ads could save money, change lives"
1/10/2008 - Idaho Statesman
"Anti-meth ads start today"
1/7/2008 -Twin Falls Times-News
"Idaho Meth Project sets launch of ad campaign targeting drug"
1/3/2008 - Lewiston Morning Tribune
"Idaho's Battle Against Meth"
11/22/2007 - Idaho Business Review
"Hospitals Battle Meth"
11/17/2007 - Idaho Press Tribune
"Hospitals Ante Up for Meth Fight"
11/17/2007 - Idaho Business Review
"'Just say no' gets a radical facelift"
11/14/2007 - Idaho Business Review
"Governor's Idaho Meth Project Receives Financial Boost in Idaho Falls"
10/27/2007 - News Channel 6 (Pocatello)
"Mountain View Raises Money For Idaho Meth Campaign"
10/27/2007 - Local News 8 (Idaho Falls)
"Idaho Meth Project"
10/26/2007 - News Channel 6 (Pocatello)
"Gov. Otter Helping Raise Funds for Idaho Meth Project, Local News 8 Helps"
10/26/2007 - Local News 8 (Idaho Falls)
"Truth Squad: Meth Problems"
10/26/2007 - KBCI 2 News (Boise)
"Governor Pushing 'Not Even Once' Message"
10/25/2007 - Local News 8 (Idaho Falls)
"Crapo: Rural States Like Idaho Especially Vulnerable to Meth"
10/24/2007 - Office of U.S. Senator Mike Crapo
"Meth Ads Due in Jan"
10/24/2007 - Post Register
"Surge of anti-meth ads hints of what's to come"
10/16/2007 - Spokesman Review
"Volunteers Help Raise Money for Meth Project"
10/4/2007 -
"Coeur d'Alene tribe donates to Meth Project"
10/2/2007 - FOX 12 KTRV
"Flight Against Meth" - Video On Demand
9/29/2007 - KTVB Channel 7
"Flight Against Meth Raises Money for Idaho Meth Project"
9/29/2007 - FOX 12 KTRV
"Flight Against Meth"
9/28/2007 -KBCI CBS 2
"Air show fights Meth"
9/28/2007 - Idaho Press-Tribune
"Flight for Meth Takes to the Skies Over Nampa Saturday"
9/26/2007 - KTVB Channel 7
"Coeur d'Alene Tribe announces major contribution to the Idaho Meth Project"
9/24/2007 - Idaho Examiner
"Cd'A Tribe donates $500K for meth education program"
9/21/2007 -
"New Meth Project Holds Promise"
9/20/2007 - Times News
"Graphic ads will depict hazards of Meth use"
9/20/2007 - Idaho Press-Tribune
"Study: 1 in 4 teens say access to Meth is easy"
9/19/2007 - KTVB Channel 7
"Megan Ronk - Idaho Meth Project Moving Ahead"
9/18/2007 - Idaho Examiner
"A history of meth"
8/19/2007 -
"Cleaning Up After Meth"
8/15/2007 -
"18-month probe, 28 search warrants, 43 meth arrests"
7/12/2007 -
"Idaho ups campaign to fight meth use"
5/20/2007 - Idaho Press-Tribune
"Local residents and state officials gathered in Twin Falls to talk about the problem with meth"
4/4/2007- Times News
"Idaho News Now: Gritty MT meth ads grab attention"
3/21/2007- NBC - KTVB 7 Boise
"Tell the truth: A $12 million anti-meth lesson"
3/2/2007 - Idaho Times-News
"Governor urges all Idahoans to join him in fight against meth"
2/20/2007 - Times News/Idaho Public Television
"Otter lets anti-meth ads speak for themselves"
2/1/2007 -
"Idaho may use graphic campaign to fight meth"
1/31/2007 -
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