I began using drugs to mask my emotional state. Needless to say by the time I was 13, I was using drugs and alcohol almost daily. The education systems was no longer a resource for obtaining information, yet a meeting place for my friends and I to create a negative social atmosphere.


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  • The illusion of the tunnel
    Jack W.

    I started using meth at the age of 15. I promised myself that it wasn't a problem but it continued all the way till 29....

    Swimming in the Sad puddle
    Nickolas (Trent) J.

    My family is addicted to meth, my mom, sisters, dad, aunt, uncles, and my cousin...

    Meth destroyed my high school sweetheart
    Lindsay G.

    He protected his addiction covering up his lies. Days of constantly vomiting. Nodding off while driving...

  • The road I thought I was lost in
    Trista P.

    I used meth for two years until I found out I was pregnant with my oldest child. I still smoked pot everyday...

    Spreading the message
    Tyler C.

    I've been an IV drug user for 12 years, with the last 4 years being sporadic periods of use due to incarceration...

    meth took away my dad
    Kaela H.

    My dad wasn't around much when I was little, he was always in prison and when he was out, he'd be gone for days...

  • The Joint bros

    I remember in particular I had just smoked a bowl and was curled up on the floor crying because I had no idea who I was or where I was...

    The lady in white
    Morgan E.

    The lady in white
    Whispers your name
    Knowing once you have her
    You’ll never be the same

    the devils drug is right
    Monica C.

    When I was high I'd see this little girl whenever I was up too long and it was scary because I kept thinking, that's me.

  • Tied to a chair
    Ashley W.

    I started doing meth at the age of 14. I had friends who sold it so I could get it anytime I wanted.

    meth and being a mom
    Kristin D.

    So I tried it, it was my everything. I went on to be a mother of two girls still using meth...

    meth dominats your soul
    McKean F.

    lost an alone but so comfortable with taking your own life... That's where I'm at with the demon of the dark side...

  • My Little Girl
    Teressa B.

    I wonder what I could have done different everyday...

    kicking meth the hard way
    Craig R.

    Ten years of hard meth use.. lost everything. my home my cars my kids never thought i could ever stop...



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