The Meth Project’s research-based messaging campaign—which graphically portrays the ravages of Meth use through television, radio, billboards, and online ads—has gained nationwide attention for its uncompromising approach and demonstrated impact.

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Former Addicts 'Tell It Like It Is'

Idaho Meth Project volunteers and recovered addicts share their first-hand accounts of the dangers of Methamphetamine abuse and how their lives have been negatively affected by this drug.

Montana Meth

Montana Meth is a personal look at the physical and psychological damage caused by Meth, a particularly vicious drug, whose effects range from tooth decay, skin lesions, and paranoia to brain damage, convulsions, and death. The filmmaker, Eames Yates, speaks with several addicts and recovering addicts whose lives have been crippled by this drug.

Executive Producer: Thomas M. Siebel
Producers: Eames Yates and John Loeffler
Director: Eames Yates

Brain and Behavior

Watch 'Brain & Behavior' to view the effects of Meth on the brain. 'Brain & Behavior' — a groundbreaking video on the effects of methamphetamine on the brain — explores the biological basis of addiction and the latest Meth research. Presented by UCLA Integrated Substance Abuse Programs, a leading research institution on the topic of methamphetamine and Eyes of the World Media Group, this research-based series presents the most up-to-date information in a compelling and easy-to-understand format. Shot in high definition with state-of-the-art graphics, viewers get an inside view into a brain on Meth.


  • “Wow - what a great job - this is exactly what I was hoping for. I wish I would have contacted you earlier, and that the whole school whole school had been able to hear this presentation. Well done!!” - high school health teacher
  • “Anyone who listens to your story couldn’t possibly ever take drugs. Everyone should hear you.” - 7th grader
  • “Your presentation was actually very informative. I had expected it to be a long lecture, but I learned a lot….I didn’t understand how addictive pills could be, or that some of them raised your heartbeat so much. People need to quit telling themselves the pills are safer than illegal drugs. Thank you for coming to my school!” - 11th grader
  • “This was the first time I had the opportunity to have the Idaho Meth Project come to my classroom(s) and I absolutely loved it. My 8th grade students were so engaged in the material and stories that the presenters shared and it was so powerful and moving to see. Several of my students have been exposed to drug use and abuse and it was so so good for them to hear someone's story to see how they relate and that they are not alone. Such a great educational resource and I am so glad we have you in Idaho!” - middle school health teacher
  • "Thank you for sharing your story. I know what it is like living around/with a meth addict. My dad used to do meth but stopped around the time I was three but by that time I was living with my soon-to-be stepdad. It makes me happy to learn more about the drug. Thank you" - 10th grader
  • "Our presentation was to a group of At Risk kids on a Friday right before school got out - a difficult time - but the students were engulfed by Cyn's story. She did an awesome job and I feel she really impacted our students. Her presentation was a wonderful kick off for our Red Ribbon Week." - Principal
  • "I wish I had contacted the Idaho Meth Project earlier...your presentation answered a lot of questions all the way to legalization of marijuana. Great job. I wish the whole school was able to hear this presentation. It was nice to have small intimate classes listening because even shy kids asked questions. Well done." - Teacher
  • "Thank you for telling me how meth affects people, my mom and dad did it and it really affected my life. I've always wanted to know why they did, but now I know. Thank you" - 10th grader
  • "I liked how she's real. She told real life stories. She didn't lie about it even though it effected her life and her children's life so much. She still got up and could tell evfr45erybody about it. Knowing that she was going to get judged. I like how she not only does it for herself, but for others as well. It takes a special kind of person to do so." - 11th Grade
  • "I learned so much from you that I have now shared with my children. If you reach one child or young adult, your time has been well spent!" - Facebook User
  • "We sure do think it's an honor to get to work with such an INCREDIBLE group!! You guys rock!" - Instagram Follower
  • "I want to thank this organization for everything you all do. I am 100% against meth. I have seen what it does to people and I have seen with it did to my mother. It not only affected her but my family as well. So thank you for spreading the word and going around to schools to talk about it." - Facebook User


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