Twin Falls Takes Dodgeball Tournament

January 08, 2016 - KMVT

TWIN FALLS, Id. ( KMVT / KSVT ) Among the sporting events we covered Friday night, one of the more unusual ones was a dodgeball tournament.

The Magic Valley Dodgeball Tournament 2016 is on its third year, drawing schools from all around. 32 teams participate with Magic Valley roots, whether you’re in junior high, high school or college.

Organized by Amazing Grace, the champion gets $1,000 to split and it was Twin Falls that took home the grand prize.

The Idaho Meth Project sponsors the event, which serves as a perfect opportunity to spread their message.

The tactics range from hiding in the back, then i have seen people blitzkreig, throw all the balls at ten same, obviously the duck, dodge dive rule, people use that as well.

It’s a great chance for us…it’s a good conversation starter and we can let them know they don’t have to have drugs… There’s a lot of misconceptions, kids don’t know who truly dangerous it is. 42

And for all you dodgeball enthusiasts or those who missed out on first place, there’s a Revenge Dodgeball event taking place Sunday at six o’clock. Winning team gets $200. Questions? Email Josh at

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